Why iPhone Games Rock

Why iPhone Games Rock


With all the capabilities of the increasingly popular iPhone, it seems only natural for it to be used for playing games. Not only are the games plentiful and conveniently accessible, the iPhone technology makes game play as enjoyable, if not more so, than playing on a personal computer. iPhone games are available in every conceivable category and an impressive selection is geared entirely towards children.

What Kind of Games can you get on the iPhone ?

No genre is left out in the iPhone games that are available. There are adventure RPG games, board games, strategy games and more. Just about any favorite game ever played on the personal computer is available on the iPhone, even Wolfenstein 3D is available on the iPhone. At this point, almost every online gaming company has released titles specifically for the iPhone. Consumers do not have to worry that they will be locked into traditional Apple games or PC games.

Wolfenstein iPhone Game Review

What is the iPhone Game Center?

There are several websites dedicated to iPhone games, although instant access is granted by simply touching the iPhone “Game Center” icon on the iPhone screen. Checking the different websites will allow you to read iPhone game reviews and find out if there are any pricing specials.

These dedicated websites can be surfed directly from the iPhone or at a PC. The interesting thing about iPhone game websites is the unique community one becomes a part of. Many of these sites have busy forums discussing each game or the application in general.
Are there Multiplayer iPhone Games?

The Game Center offers a variety of multiplayer games. It is also a unique social network designed around the iPhone games. Through this application, the user can invite current contacts to join them in a particular game or engage unknown opponents and partners who are online at any given moment, any time of day or night.

There are a wide variety of iPhone games available with just the touch of the finger.
Do the iPhone Games look Good on the iPhone Display?

iphone gamesPart of the success of iPhone games is due largely to the display properties the iPhone boasts. The iPhone 4 uses Retina Display technology which greatly enhances the look of iPhone games. This revolutionary technology was implemented by the iPhone engineers.

They have produced a display screen that holds 326 pixels per square inch which is four times the amount of pixels in most standard phone display screens. The iPhone also has an intelligent backlighting system that adjusts to the phones position which is especially apparent while playing racing and flying iPhone games.

Are Free iPhone Games Available?

The prices for iPhone games vary due to numerous factors. Most of them range in prices between 99 cents and $4 and many are available at no cost. Some of my favorite games are the popular Angry Birds, Bowl Lite, Glow Hockey, Cut the Rope, BirdStrike, TableTennis, OfficeJerk, and Fragger. All of these games have a lite or free version so you can try them out before you buy any of the full versions.

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