App Store Gift Card Giveaway

Apple Announces $10,000 App Store Gift Card Giveaway


Apple has been dealing with the sale of apps online for quite some time. It will be soon celebrating the download of 50 billion applications via its App store. This amount of downloads is no joke and surely has to be reckoned.

The App store was started on June 2008, almost 5 years since the commencement of its services it has managed to have almost 50 billion downloads, so this is definitely impressive.

To celebrate this milestone Apple have announced it will be giving away a gift card worth $10,000 to the person who makes the 50 billionth download. As if that is not enough, it will also be offering $500 worth of download credit to the 50 downloads after the milestone.

Apple has compiled a list of their most downloaded applications, the list has two categories; paid and free apps. This puts the total cost of prizes that will be given away at $35,000, talk about giving back to the people.

The award offering has been a very smart move by Apple because since the announcement downloads have really surged up. The contest has some rules that have to be followed, some of the rules are:

1) The contestants have to be 13 years of age or above.

2) A person can only download a maximum of 25 applications per day.

3) The country of your App store has to feature in the contest’s rules in order to qualify as a contestant.

The data collected from the most downloaded application list saw Window’s Skype app emerge as the most downloaded free app and Apple’s own Word processing app from iWork suite emerge the most downloaded paid app.

This has been a clear indication that Apple still dominates the app market even if it is facing competition from the increasingly popular Play store owned by Google.

The fact that they have managed to get people to download all those application has also made it evident that many people use Apple products.

Apple products that can support apps from the App store include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Upgrades for these devices are being released very often leading to people always wanting their latest versions. Apps in the store serve a variety of function and most Apple device users are nowadays practically relying on these applications.

Applications that feature in the App store are not only from Apple but also other vendors. This has ensured that Apple device users turn to the App store for all their application requirements since every sort of application can be obtained there.

App store stands out from other online application stores because of its secure nature, not just anyone can download apps from it. In order to download an application the Apple device user has to have an Apple ID, which is obtained through registration.

In registering for Apple ID all the important information including information on means of financing the payment of application is stated.

These measures make sure that there is some kind of security; the Apple ID has to be used with a password so that no one else can use it unless permitted by the owner.

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