Products You Can Get For Free

Looking For Online Products You Can Get For Free?


Items you can get for free include Xbox, Wii, IPod, laptop computers, new newest video games, HD TV’s, Playstations, just to name a few.

In an interview with Sam he revealed to me that the way this is possible has to do with the relationship that exists between big corporations and incentive web sites.

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To major corporations the internet is still a brand new arena for marketing and advertising, at least relative to more conventional marketing methods such as television and newspaper which have been around a lot longer.

Major corporations, such as the ones that produce the IPod, Wii, etc., know that the best way to get the word out over the internet is to get as many eyeballs as possible viewing their products and offers at web sites.

Instead of engaging in the daunting task of building web sites and building traffic to these web site these corporations are turning to incentive sites such as Commission Junction and Peerfly.

These incentive web sites in turn ‘hire’ affiliates (people who want to make money online from home) to drive traffic to their offers and web sites.

The corporations pay the incentive sites a commission for each visitor and the incentive web site pays the affiliate part of that commission. It is the main business model that currently drives the internet today.

Sam Stone explains exactly how to take advantage of this business model at his Free Stuff Exposed web site. Sam says that it does not cost you a single penny and just a little bit of your time. All you do is fill out a few of these incentive offers and get the free gadgets of your choice.

Mr. Stone says that this method of getting free stuff like XBox and Wii is not a secret per see it is just that it is only really known about and understood by the corporations, web sites, and the affiliates.